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Terrace Awnings

Enjoy the outdoors in sunshine or rain. Terrace awnings are hardwearing and provide extra space in the open air.

Terrace awnings offer a lot of benefits for fresh air fans. Frontal support makes the systems very stabile. With sufficient incline and fitted with a waterproof cover they not only provide shade but are also ideal for use in the rain.

Introducing the PERGOLINO

Pergolino Terrace Awning

Thanks to the extended dimensions of the tried and tested terrace awning PERGOLINO, you can now provide decent shade over very large areas. Whether for a private party or a restaurant lounge, you and your guests are perfectly protected from the sun and rain. Side and front shading options can be assembled at a later date and increase the feeling of wellbeing on your terrace.

A support profile underneath the guide rails provides the system with a high degree of stability. The PERGOLINO is thus able to withstand even high winds and weather. The robust system is assembled easily and quickly. Integrated gas-filled cylinders ensure the cover remains taut in any position. The powerful electric drive system ensures effortless use.

Position securely in a ground sleeve Position securely in a ground sleeve

Or secure in a planter Or secure in a planter

Introducing the ALFRESCO

Alfresco Terrace Awning

The ALFRESCO terrace awning has been specially designed for tough commercial use. Come rain or come shine, this innovative weather protection system is the ultimate solution for creating extra “space” outdoors.

The robust and corrosion-resistant aluminium framework of the ALFRESCO P4000 allows wall fixing or top fixing using continuously adjustable brackets. You can build any number of units side by side. An electric motor allows convenient operation of the awning.

The StobLock™ system keeps the fabric perfectly tensioned. The integrated gutter system ensures the sheltered area remains dry even when it rains.

The optional banner system makes it perfectly suitable as advertising space. Other convenient options, such as halogen lighting, heating systems or remote control motor, are also available.

Integrated gutter system protects against rainIntegrated gutter system protects against rain

The StobLock™ system keeps the fabric perfectly tensioned. The StobLock™ system keeps the fabric perfectly tensioned

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